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Product Code : FS-TB

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Flame Seal TB™ is an intumescent coating which provides an alternative 15-minute thermal barrier for Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). Flame Seal TB™ is fully compliant with all ICC-ES standards. It comes in 5 colors; white, three shades of gray, and black; giving options to design professionals. White is the standard color, while the others typically require a two-week lead time. Flame Seal TB™ requires no primer to adhere to SPF; representing lower cost and less application time. Flame Seal TB™ is designed for ease of application with any commercial grade airless spray units for the duration of its shelf life. There is no need for high-powered gas equipment or water addition due to high viscosity. This assures the fire performance is not compromised by dilution, which invalidates certifications.

This is a professional coating and should only be used by trained professionals. If you would like to be trained please contact flameseal@flameseal.com

Flame Seal TB is also available in Black and Gray. If you would like to purchase Black or Gray please contact Flame Seal Products at 713-668-4291. These colors are made to order and may have a lead time up to 10 business days. 

Flame Seal TB is a two-component system. You will receive 4 gallons of TB and 1 gallon of T-50 resin.