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Flame Seal 84 (Class A Paint)

Product Code : FS84

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Flame Seal 84  is latex based, Class A Paint designed for use as a fire retardant coating over combustible interior materials. The product can be applied to most substrates including, wood, plywood, OSB, gypsum wallboard. Flame Seal 84 can also be used on metal surfaces with the use of a primer. Please check certification and manufacturer information for details. When properly applied, Flame Seal 84 meets ASTM E-84 Class-A testing requirements for flame and smoke spread. When Flame Seal 84 is exposed to fire or extreme heat, a protective layer of Carbon Foam develops and prevents the fire and heat from transferring to the Substrate. This product comes in a flat white. For more information on top-coating & primers please visit. http://www.flameseal.com/flame-seal-84-fireproof-paint/